About Myself was developed mainly for a simple app that just writes a profile. You can also create groups and send messages. I hope that new and free communication will be born through About Myself !

Usage case

Recommend for people like this!

  • People who want to deepen their friendship through a unique profile while having fewer opportunities to meet people
  • People who want to know the other person through a profile.
  • People who want discuss something that is not allowed on other Social Network.

How to use AboutMyself

  • Adding friends
    • Basically, only people in the same group can add friends. Therefore, it is recommended that the representative create a group before others perform a group search to join the group and become friends.
  • Creating groups
    • We recommend that you select “This is a private group” as the public setting when creating a group in a company or school, and then change it to “This is a hidden group” after all members have joined. (Can be changed from “Management” on the group page)
  • Creating your profile
    • After registering and logging in, you can set from “My Profile” >> “Edit” >> “About Myself!”. You can also freely set the disclosure range.


I think that telework has become mainstream, and there are more cases where people don’t get along with people. In particular, you may not know the person you meet for the first time at all, and communication may be beginning to become divided. Among them, I hope that communication will be born by getting to know myself expressed in About Myself.

Contact us

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